10-11 of July, 2010 (Ukraine, Odessa)

Odessa cat-club ‛Lukomorye‛ kindly invites you to take part in the 34nd and 35th International Cat Show Odessa 2010 which will be held in Odessa

SHOW LOCATION: Sport Palace (pr.Shevchenko, 31), ODESSA, UKRAINE

Invited Judges:
Mrs.Laura Burani Ferrari (NO) - all breeds
Mrs. Donatella Mastrangelo (SK) - 3, 4
Mr. Martin Kabina (CZ) - all breeds
Mr. Svetlana Stoliarova (BY) - 1,2,4

Show form can be downloaded here: application from Ukraine,
and send via E-mail: ufu-fife@ukr.net ,lukomorye-cat@ukr.net

Deadline for submission of entry forms: 26.06.2010

Cats participating at the show must:
-be healthy, free from any acute or latent infections and parasitic diseases;
-hold a certificate on health condition issued by authorized veterinarian not earlier than 3 days prior to the show;
-have valid and documented vaccinations against feline viral rhinotracheitis upper respiratory infection, panleukopenia and rabies made not earlier than 1 year and not later than one month before the show.

Cats participating at the show must meet the following requirements:
-must be at least 3 months old
-have undergone a veterinary inspection
-have been placed in the show catalogue

Cats must be kept in cages until the end of the show

If you need a hotel, point out all hotel information and number of necessary rooms in the applications.

Sunny Odessa is waiting for all cats lovers!